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FLEXLOC® Self-locking nuts are one piece, all-metal, prevailing torque locknuts that lock positively on screws, studs, or other threaded members.  They keep your assemblies intact despite impact, shock or vibration.  FLEXLOC nuts require nothing else to assemble, come apart, be forgotten, or lose, such as lock-wires, lock washers, or inserts.  Because they lock without seating, they “stay put” anywhere on a bolt, stud or once the locking threads are fully engaged- so they can also be used as stoop nuts.

With FLEXLOC nuts, every thread, including those in the locking section, carries its full share of the load, and resists working free even under the most severe vibration.



*Carbon and alloy steel

*Stainless Steel


*Other material and alloys are available on special order.



*Galvenized,Geomet and are available on special order.



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